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Vinpocetine Powder for Sale

-1, Product Name: Vinpocetine Powder
-2, Specification & Standard: 99.5% USP /EP /CP and etc.
-3, CAS #: 42971-09-5
-4, Appearance: White crystalline powder
-5, Function of Vinpocetine ...

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Product Details

Vinpocetine Powder for Sale

Quick Details :

Product Name: Vinpocetine Powder
Specification & Standard: 99.5% USP /EP /CP and etc.

CAS #:  42971-09-5
Appearance: White crystalline powder

Introduction of Vinpocetine :
Vinpocetine is a derivative of Vincamine. It facilitates cerebral metabolism by improving blood flow to the brain, boosting brain cell ATP production, and increasing utilization of glucose and oxygen by neurons.

Vinpocetine enhances brain metabolism. Obtained from tabersonine, which in turn is an alkaloid extracted from Voacanga seeds, Vinpocetine works by increasing the synthesis of ATP in the brain and by increasing the utilization of oxygen.

Vinpocetine also enhances the synthesis of some neurotransmitters that influence critical brain functions such as mood, focus, and memory recall.

Vinpocetine is an herbal supplement used to treat thinking and memory problems, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Other names for Vinpocetine include: Ethyl apovincaminate, Ethyl apovincaminoate, and vinca minor.

Vinpocetine increases the production of Noradrenaline and Dopamine, contributing, in this way, to the release of Serotonin and the concentration of Acetylcholine.

Research has shown that the effects of this compound go beyond mere prevention and turn it into a Powerful Memory Enhancer.

Vinpocetine may also have antioxidant effects similar to those of vitamin E and be beneficial to brain function and age-related cognitive decline.

Vinpocetine may have a number of other beneficial health effects, including increasing cerebral blood flow, anticonvulsant activities, and neuroprotection. Often referred to as nootropic or cognition enhancer.

Vinpocetine is used in many parts of the world to treat cerebrovascular and cognitive problems.Vinpocetine can be extract from Voacanga Africana and Vinca minor.

Advantage of Vinpocetine :

1.Good raw material to produce good product, so we set up a branch in Ghana, Africa, which leads to us a reliable,low-cost,high-quality Voacanga seeds supply.

2.A mature high purity Vinpocetine extraction and produce process, the purity of Vinpocetine can be up to 99%.

3.Uses pure water and ethanol as the extraction solvent of Vinpocetine and we strictly regulate the production process, which effectively avoiding the toxic solvent residue and impurity contamination. Our Vinpocetine are in line with almost all the national consumption of health products and medicines quality specifications.

Function of Vinpocetine :
A- To improve cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage sequelae and symptoms caused by cerebral arteriosclerosis, such as Memory disorders, movement disorder, hypertensive encephalopathy, cerebral vasospasm, brain endarteritis, progressive cerebral vascular sclerosis, dizziness, headache, aphasia, depression, etc.
B- Can also be used for visual impairment, hearing loss, tinnitus, vestibular dysfunction caused by a variety of fundus poor circulation.
C- For rehabilitation therapy of brain function after a variety of various brain surgery.

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