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Miracle Pharma Has Been Granted Quality Safety Certification
- Sep 04, 2017 -

March 27, 2012, Golden-shell has been granted Quality Safety Certification.

Significance :

1. Obtain market qualification : through certification, is the effective pass licence for product into the market.

2. Regulation of food production : in accordance with the product of good production practices to regulate the production process.

3. Improve product quality : through the establishment and effective operation of the quality system, the whole process of product implementation control, reduce the quality of fluctuations, reduce the nonconforming products, so as to effectively ensure product quality and improve product quality stability.

4. Improve the management level : standardized management, the implementation of each production control.

5. Reduce costs : through the development of management system documents, regulate the behavior of each employee, scientific and rational use of resources, reduce rework, reduce costs, thereby enhancing the efficiency of enterprises.


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