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Stevia Leaf Extract|Stevioside|Rebaudioside A|Reb-A Powder for Sale

Stevia Leaf Extract|Stevioside|Rebaudioside A|Reb-A Powder for Sale

-1, Product Name: Stevia Leaf Extract|Stevioside|Rebaudioside A|Reb-A Powder
-2, Specifications: (SG: 80% ~ 95% / RA: 40% ~ 99%) USP /EP /CP and etc.
-3, Test Method: UV /HPLC
-4, Extract Source & Part: Stevia Rebaudiana Extract
-5, CAS Number: 57817-89-7 /58543-16-1
-6, Appearance: White crystal powder...

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Product Details

Stevia Leaf Extract|Stevioside|Rebaudioside A|Reb-A Powder for Sale

Quick Details :

Product Name: Stevia Leaf Extract|Stevioside|Rebaudioside A|Reb-A Powder
Specifications: USP /EP /CP and etc.

1. TSG Series : Stevia 80%, Stevia 85%, Stevia 90%, Stevia 95%
2. REB-A Series : RA 99%, RA 98%, RA 97%, RA 95%, RA 90%, RA80%, RA 60%, RA 50%, RA 40%

Test Method: UV /HPLC
Extract Source & Part: Stevia Rebaudiana Extract
CAS Number: 57817-89-7 /58543-16-1 
Appearance: White crystal powder


What is Stevia Extract ?
Stevia is natural and derived from the leaves of stevia plant, it does not contain any harmful chemicals often found in artificial sweeteners. 

Stevia is safe for diabetics, has been shown to help prevent tooth decay, and has even been recommended by the World Health Organization for use as a treatment for hypertension. 

By replacing sugar with stevia, consumers could potentially decrease caloric intake, helping to reduce obesity and other associated health risks


Function :
Used as a food sweetener, particularly suitable for high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, dental caries, etc.

1. Safety. In the origin places such as Paraguay and Brazil, the local residents have eaten it for hundreds of years. Up till now, no toxicity has been found.
2. Low calorie. Used for making low-calorie food and beverages and very suitable for consumption by patients of diabetes, obesity and arteriosclerosis.
3. Stevia sugar can be easily dissolved in water and alcohol; When combined with cane sugar, fructose and isomerized sugar, it will have an even better taste.
4. The property of Stevia sugar is non-fermenting and it has stable properties and will not be moldy easily. It won't change in the making of foods and beverages and is easy to store and transport. Constant use can prevent carious teeth.
5. With a taste similar to that of cane sugar, stevia sugar has the special features of cooling and sweetness. It can be used for making flavor foods, sweets, etc., and it can also be used as a taste corrector to curb the peculiar and odd tastes of some foods and drugs and serve as a replacement of cane sugar in pharmaceutics, production of syrups, powder preparation and pills. It can also be used in such products as flavors, preserved vegetables, toothpaste, cosmetics and cigarettes.
6. Economical. The cost of using stevia sugar is only 30%-40% of that of using cane sugar.

Application :
As a new natural sweetener, stevioside is widely used in many applications, such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, household cosmetics. 

Broadly speaking, stevioside can replace part of sucrose or all of saccharin in products with traditional sweeteners. 

At present, stevioside is mainly applied in beverage and pharmaceutical industry, especially in beverage, and also applied to some extents in other areas, such as cigarettes, cold, canned, candied fruit, spices glycosides, liquor, chewing gum, toothpaste, mouthwash water. 

Since the amount of stevioside in various kinds of products are generally different from each other,it is necessary to repeat the study to find the optimum proportion, to ensure product quality, taste and flavor.


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