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Rosemary Extract|Carnosic Acid|Rosmarinic Acid Powder for Sale

Rosemary Extract|Carnosic Acid|Rosmarinic Acid Powder for Sale

-1, Product Name: Rosemary Extract|Carnosic Acid|Rosmarinic Acid Powder
-2, Extract Part: Whole herb
-3, Active Ingredients & Specifications: Carnosic Acid /Rosmarinic Acid 5% ~ 98% USP /EP /CP and etc.
-4, Test Method: TLC /UV /HPLC
-5, Appearance: Brown Yellow Fine Powder

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Product Details

Rosemary Extract|Carnosic Acid|Rosmarinic Acid Powder for Sale

Quick Details :

Product Name: Rosemary Extract|Carnosic Acid|Rosmarinic Acid Powder

Extract Part: Whole herb

Active Ingredients & Specifications: Carnosic Acid  /Rosmarinic Acid 5% ~ 98% USP /EP /CP and etc.

Test Method: TLC /UV /HPLC
Appearance:  Brown Yellow Fine Powder


Rosemary Extract Function :

1) Rosmarinic acid exhibits various pharmacological activities including prevention of oxidation of low density lipoprotein, inhibition of murine cell proliferative activity and of cyclooxygenase, and anti-allergic action.
2) The biological activity of rosmarinic acid is described as antibacterial, antiviral, and antioxidative.
3) Its activity especially against rheumatic and inflammatory conditions makes it a sought-after substance for use in phytotherapy.
4) More recently, rosmarinic acid or its salts were reported to have anti-HIV activies.

Rosemary Extract Application :

A. In Food industry
1). High-efficient antioxidant;
2). Antibacterial;
3). Restrain growing of colon bacillus and staphylococcus aureus.

B. In Pharmaceuticals and Health Care industry
1). Reduces activity of hyaluronidase, then keep hyaluronic acid living for a long time in epidermal cell;
2). Antineoplastic effect;
3). Anti-hepatitis effect, protect liver from damnification;
4). Anti-nephritis;
5). Anti-thrombus;
6). Anti-platelet-aggregation;
7). Refreshing, strengthening memory, improving strain and hypersomnia, anti-depressant.

C. In Cosmetic industry
1). Intensify constringency;
2). Eliminate freckle, strengthen skin elasticity and slow aging;
3). Accelerate blood circulation of scalp;
4). Improve phalacrosis, reduce scurf and embellish hair;
5). Stimulate hair and nail growing.


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