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Menthol|L-Menthol for Sale

Menthol|L-Menthol for Sale

-1, Product Name: Menthol|L-Menthol
-2, Specification & Standard: 95.0% ~ 105.0% USP /BP /CP and etc.
-3, CAS #: 2216-51-5 /89-78-1
-4, Appearnace: Menthol is Colorless acicular or columnar...

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Product Details

Menthol|L-Menthol for Sale

Quick Details :

Product Name: Menthol|L-Menthol

Specification & Standard: 95.0% ~ 105.0% USP /BP /CP and etc.

CAS #: 2216-51-5 /89-78-1

Appearnace: Menthol is Colorless acicular or columnar crystal or white crystalline powder.


Description of Menthol 

Menthol is extracted from peppermint, which is also known as Mentha piperita, brandy mint, and lamb mint.

Menthol has been used for liver and gallbladder complaints, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, respiratory infections, menstrual cramps, toothache, the common cold, cough, and fever.

Topically, Menthol has been used for muscle and nerve pain and as an antiseptic.

Indication of Menthol :
-Menthol has effect on inflammation of the eye, sore throat, ulcers in the mouth;
-Menthol is used to treat rubella measles; discomfort with feeling of distension in the chest and hypochondriac regions;
-Menthol has function of headache in influenza, upper respiratory infection and other epidemic febrile diseases at the inital stage. 

Application of Menthol :

-Applied in food field, often used as additives, with distinct fragrance smell, menthol can promote digestion and increase appetite;
-Applied in daily necessities field, menthol can be added into a large amount of oral cleaning products, such as dentifrices, mouthwash and tooth powder;
-Applied in pharmaceutical field, because menthol has the function of inhibition and paralysis to sensory nerve endings, it can be used as counter irritant.

We also provide DL-Camphor /Synthetic Camphor Powder.


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