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L-Threonine Powder for Sale

L-Threonine Powder for Sale

1, Product Name: L-Threonine Powder
2, Specification & Standard: No Less Than 98.5% (On Dry Base) USP, FCCIV, AJI and etc.
3, CAS #: 72-19-5
4, Appearance: White crystalline powder.
5, Function of L-Threonine: Amino acid drugs. THR is a kind of important nutrition fortifier,...

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Product Details

L-Threonine Powder for Sale

Quick Details :

Product Name: L-Threonine Powder
Specification & Standard: No Less Than 98.5% (On Dry Base) USP, FCCIV, AJI and etc. 

CAS #: 72-19-5
Appearance: White crystalline powder.


About L-Threonine :

L-Threonine can be used in the food industry in nutrition supplements, added to food, L-Threonine can improve the nutritional value of protein, so that adequate food nutrients more reasonable.

L-Threonine and glucose were hot, fragrant and easy to produce coke chocolate flavor in a flavor enhancer in food processing role. 

L-Threonine in the feed industry, L-Threonine amino acids can be used as feed additives for the feed supply of protein has opened up new avenues, L-Threonine not only improves the nutritional value of feed, reduce feeding costs.

But also get to promote animal growth and development, enhance disease resistance and so many other beneficial effects. 

L-Threonine is necessary for animals to maintain growth, the animals can not be synthesized. Must be from the food supply. L-Threonine lack can lead to reduced animal intake. 
Stunted, feed efficiency decreased immune function suppression symptoms.

L-Threonine is the second methionine, lysine, tryptophan, essential amino acids after the fourth livestock feed additive, L-Threonine of livestock growth and development, strengthen the fattening, lactation, egg production were significantly facilitating role. 

Function of L-Threonine :

THR is a kind of important nutrition fortifier, fortified cereals, bakery, dairy products, as well as tryptophan has restored the body fatigue, promote the growth and development.
Medicine, due to the structure containing hydroxyl threonine, effect on human skin with moisture, combined with oligosaccharide chain, play an important role to protect the cell membrane, can promote the synthesis of phospholipids and fatty acid oxidation in the body.

1. Keep the balance of amino acids in the forage and stimulate the growth of the animals
2. Improve the meat quality
3. Increase the nutritive value of forage raw materials which have low amino acid digestibility
4. Apply to the production low-protein forage
5. Cut down the cost of raw materials for forage
6.Decrease the nitrogen content in the excrement and urine of animals so that the release of ammonia is slowed and the ammonia concentration is kept low in animal shed.

Package : 

1. In Multi-ply Paper Bag with pallets and plastic film wrapped.

2. In Paperboard Drum with pallets and plastic film wrapped.

3. In Carton with pallets and plastic film wrapped.

4. Net weight of 25kgs/Bag(Carton/Drum)


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