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Beta-Alanine|L-Alanine|DL-Alanine Powder for Sale

Beta-Alanine|L-Alanine|DL-Alanine Powder for Sale

1, Product Name: Beta-Alanine|L-Alanine|Dl-Alanine Powder
2, Specification & Standard: No Less Than 98.5% CP, EP, USP, AJI and etc.
3, CAS #: 107-95-9 / 56-41-7 /302-72-7
4, Appearance: White crystalline Powder
5, Function of Beta-Alanine and Dl-Alanine : 1 -Mainly used for...

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Product Details

Beta-Alanine|L-Alanine|DL-Alanine Powder for Sale

Quick Details :

Product Name: Beta-Alanine|L-Alanine|Dl-Alanine Powder

Specification & Standard: No Less Than 98.5% CP, EP, USP, AJI and etc.

CAS #: 107-95-9 / 56-41-7 /302-72-7
Appearance: White crystalline Powder


Function of Beta-Alanine :
1 -Mainly used for synthesis of pantothenic acid and calcium pantothenate, carnosine, handkerchief meters phosphonic acid sodium, and willow nitrogen, etc.,
2 - In medicine, feed, food and other fields wide application
3 -Also used in electroplating corrosion inhibitor and biochemical reagent.

Function of Dl-Alanine :

It is mainly used as nutritional supplement and flavoring in food processing industry. It can also be used in the medical industry.   
  It has a good freshness and can promote the effects of chemical flavorings;
  It has a peculiar sweetness and can improve the taste of the artificial sweeteners, improve the sourness of organic acids and the flavor of vinegar;
  Its sourness may help salt enter vegetables, improve the quality of salted or sauce-pickled vegetables, cut short the pickling duration and improve the flavor;
  It can be used as a corrector or buffer in the composition of wine or soft beverage, can prevent bubble wine from ageing and can decrease the odor of yeast;
  Its function of antioxidation can be used in food processing. For instance, it can be used in oils, yolk jam, purified foods, sauce-pickled foods, and bra -pickled foods. It can both protect them from oxidation and improve their flavor;
  It can be used as a raw material for Vitamin B6 synthesis and material for the research on metabolism of amino acids by medical organisms or on a biochemical basis.

Function of L-Alanine :

L-Alanine is one of the important products the amino acid series. It is widely used in medical, chemical and food industries.   
  A. Main Uses in medicine: It is a important part of sugar supplying nutrition infusion. The compound amino acid injection fluid, which is produced by L-Alanine, is new medicine mainly used to cure liver and heart diseases and it can cure catabolism disorder caused by liver function insufficient and can awake the patient of liver coma. It can also be used as good diuretic.   
  B. Main Uses in food field: It can be used to improve the artificial edulcorator and the acid flavor of organic acid, highten the effect of chemical condiment, promote the flavor of alcohol beverage and improve the quality and flavor of oil and brew condiment and pickled product.

Package : 

1. In Multi-ply Paper Bag with pallets and plastic film wrapped.

2. In Paperboard Drum with pallets and plastic film wrapped.

3. In Carton with pallets and plastic film wrapped.

4. Net weight of 25kgs/Bag(Carton/Drum)


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